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About us

We live in a world where things are changing in our beautiful sport. It's all about the magic right? Everything has become so instant and homogenised since the advent of the internet. If you think of it this way, man has drifted across the water since the dawn of time, with only the stars to keep him company in search of that elusive quarry. Modern day anglers are satisfying a primeval need to hunt, albeit we take the greatest of care with our beloved fish. It's still in us, it's in our DNA, we are who we are. Here at Jungle Baits we are a group of like- minded anglers who still believe in the magic of angling. We worship the moons and the tides, and the roar of the big fen winds. It's all a puzzle to us that we carefully assemble every time we chase our dreams. The bait is a very important part of that journey. We have some great minds, many years of angling experience and a will to succeed. A wise man once told us, any bait will catch when the fish are having it, but only a great bait will catch when it's all going wrong. Team JB

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